Electric Vehicle Power Solution Provider
Microvast is a leading electric vehicle power solution provider. Our ultra-fast-charging capability, long battery life, and superior battery safety are based on our proprietary LpTO, LpCO, MpCO and STL technologies. These advances enable us to implement our Clean City Transit (CCT) plan among cities, to pave the way for mass adoption of electric vehicles, and ultimately electrify urban transportation.
  • Drive Freely
    With Ultra-Fast Charging technology, an electric vehicle can be fully recharged in 10-15 minutes. There is no need to wait for several hours before you are ready to go.
  • Long Life
    Our battery solutions last the life of the vehicle with no need for replacement, reducing the cost of ownership of an electric vehicle. Plus, you can purchase a second-hand electric car without worrying about our battery!
  • Safe
    With safer chemistry and Smart Thermal Liquid (STL) technology, our battery system is operation-safe, with proven safety records since 2011. Not to mention our non-flammable technology, which is our ultimate solution for electric vehicle safety.