Vertical Integration

Microvast’s vertical integration strategy extends from core battery chemistry, including cathode materials, anode materials, electrolyte, membrane separator, to application technologies including battery management systems (BMS) and other power control electronics.

By integrating the process from raw material to system assembly, Microvast is able to provide customized solutions with reduced project development periods and controllable cost.

Vertical integration also allows us to control product quality from top to bottom with our high standards. Microvast has been TS16949 certified since 2014.

Raw Materials Cell Production Module Production System Assembly
  • Raw Materials
    With the control of innovative technologies developed in Microvast’s technology center, we are able to mass-produce in-house Li-ion battery materials, including cathode, anode, electrolyte and membrane separator.
  • Cell
    Microvast is manufacturing one standard dimension cell with multiple chemistries, providing greater flexibility for module production.
  • Module Production
    In-house Li-ion battery module production allows us to standardize the process, improving quality and production efficiency. We have Gen I and Gen II standard modules in production.
  • System Assembly
    Together with BMS and other power electronics developed internally, we integrate the module and in turn assemble the battery system. Standard modules and power electronics are designed to be easily configured into customized solutions.