The First Fast-Charging Hub Station Started Operation in Shanghai
May 29, 2018

HUZHOU, China and STAFFORD, Texas, May 30, 2018 –The very first fast-charging hub station in the city of Shanghai, with 20 full electric buses equipped with Microvast fast-charging battery systems, started its operation in Pudong, Shanghai, China.

“It is the first fast-charging hub station in Shanghai. The mode of ‘fast charging combined with slow charging’ will further increase the utilization of the charging pile as well as the efficiency of operation.” said by a manager of Pudong Public Transport Company.

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Launching Ceremony of the Fast-Charging Hub Station in Shanghai

The twenty electric buses with Microvast MpCO fast-charging battery systems can be fully charged in 10-15 minutes during the driver breaks at end stations, which allows the electric buses to operate through a full day similar to internal combustion engine (ICE) powered buses. The fast charging operational mode enables those buses to run as efficiently as ICE buses, which is the key factor that operators are looking for when considering operation profit.

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E-bus with Microvast Fast Charging Batteries in Shanghai

Shanghai has been looking for e-solutions in public transport for years. It is the first time that operators made the decision to go to fast-charging, not only for higher operational efficiency, but also for lower land requirements of charging stations. As one of the most expensive cities in China, Shanghai is limited in lands that can provide enough space for slow charging electric buses which need to be recharged overnight. This is not only the problem for Shanghai, but for most big cities in the world.

The fast-charging hub station is located on Lingang Avenue, Pudong District. With 240kWchargers and Microvast fast charging battery systems, the vehicle can be fully charged in a short gap time and be ready to go again in 15-20 minutes, which further improves the utilization of charging piles and solves operational problems such as difficult scheduling caused by traditional slow charging.

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  E-bus with Microvast Fast Charging Battery System Charged at the Station

With years of experience with slow charging and battery swapping, Shanghai fully understands the benefits of fast charging. The operation of the charging station will surely be a signpost that shows the future direction of the city in the public transport sector.

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