With the technical superiority in raw chemical material system, Microvast’s ultra fast charging battery can achieve 10-15 minutes full charging. The long lifecycle of Microvast’s ultra fast charging battery system provides comprehensive solutions for different applications from public transit to passenger vehicle, from grid energy storage to port and mining equipment.

Public Transit

CO2 emissions from public transit sector contributes a lot to the CO2 emissions in urban area, therefore the electrification of urban public transit, no doubt, will provide solutions to getting cleaner air. By adopting Microvast Ultra Fast Charging Technology, we are able to build up the all electric & hybrid ultra fast charging buses, contributing to emission reduction.

Ultra-Fast Charging, The Right Battery Solution For Public Transit Electrification
Ultra-Fast Charging, The Right Battery Solution For Public Transit Electrification

Take advantages of our ultra fast charging technology, combining the characteristics of fix-route fleets, Microvast’s Ultra Fast Charging Full Electric Solution is the most commercially feasible way for electric transportation.

Using Microvast Ultra Fast Charge battery technology allows the battery to be fully recharged in less than 10 minutes, and last over 20,000 full cycles. Electric buses and other vehicles that operate on fixed routes are able to run 15 to 50 kilometers between charges, carrying a small battery pack that covers this mileage. As passenger load and unload the vehicle, it is charged simultaneously allowing flawless transportation with little down time.

Small battery onboard and small charging station means lower initial investment, fast charging capability and long life ensures operational efficiency and less battery replacement in vehicle lifespan.

Charge stations are strategically placed throughout the city, as needs arise, more charge stations can be constructed to meet the demand, forming a complete charging network for entire communities.

Get to know our Clean City Transit (CCT) Plan

Microvast Battery Solution For Hybrid Bus
Microvast Battery Solution For Hybrid Bus

Hybrid buses require stringently on the on-board energy storage system.

Microvast Ultra Fast Charging Battery System can last over 20,000 cycles while have high efficiency in charging and discharging process. Combining with the latest patented Smart Thermal Liquid (STL) technology, the battery performance and safety levels are further enhanced, which is recognized as the best solution for hybrid applications.

Case Study
  • Chongqing Bus
    Chongqing Bus

    With 6 years commercial operation in Chongqing, Microvast proved as a leading role in ultra fast charge technology.

    VEHICLE: 12M Hengtong Full Electric

    BATTERY: 80 kWh Microvast LpTO


  • NBfL

    Largest E-Bus Project outside of China

    VEHICLE: 11.2M New Routemaster HEV

    SYSTEM: Series Hybrid

    BATTERY: Microvast LpTO


    FLEET: 800

  • Münster, Germany
    Münster, Germany
  • APEC China 2014 Summit
    APEC China 2014 Summit
  • Nanjing Yangtze Bus
    Nanjing Yangtze Bus
  • Foshan Guangdong
    Foshan Guangdong